Ola Røthe, (CEO) Partner
Mr. Røthe has experience from management and board work in several listed and unlisted companies. He is the head of his own investment and advisory business through his controlled company Sobona AS. He has since 1998 worked as independent consultant, investor and/or board member in various companies, including: Energy Zapoteca/Songa Drilling, Inter Caribbean Maritime Ltd., Caribbean Sand & Stone, Nordic Maritime Services, Jason Shipping, Eitzen Maritime Services and Mercur Maritime/Solutions. Mr. Røthe has a Law degree from Oslo University and background as a commercial and maritime lawyer. He is a Norwegian citizen and resides in Oslo, Norway.
Aage Figenschou, (CoB) Partner
Mr. Figenschou has more than 30 years of experience within shipping, law and debt restructuring processes. He has worked as Managing Director with following companies: Naess, Jahre & Partners (1984-1995), Naess, Jahre & Partners (1990-1992), Bulls Tankrederi (1992-1993), Mercur Tankers (1995-1996), Dual Invest (1995-1996) and Swan Reefer (1999-2000). He has since 2009 been a consultant for Eitzen. Mr. Figenschou holds a Corporate Law degree from the University in Oslo, Norway. Norway.
Erik Østbye, Partner
Mr. Østbye has over 30 years of experience from the shipping industry. He started working with Oyvind Lorentzen in 1980 before he joined Stolt-Nielsen Inc. where he stayed until 1983. From 1983-1988, Mr. Østbye was the Financial Manager of Arne Blystad AS. He continued as VP of Finance of Blystad Shipping until 2003, before he took the role as CFO/VP of Sokana Chartering until 2010. From 2011 to 2012, Mr. Østbye was the President of Songa Shipping & Trading Ltd.. He holds a MSc in Finance from the Norwegian School of Management (BI).